Caramel Apple Cream Cake
Caramel Apple Topping
To Serve:
To Make the Cake…
  1. Mix all cake ingredients together and beat for 2 minutes. Pour into a well greased bundt pan and bake 50- 55 minutes at 350°. Cool 10 minutes and move cake from pan. Place on a cake stand. See my notes above about changing the pan to a 9×13” pan.
To Make Caramel Apple Topping…
  1. Melt butter. Saute apples until tender but still holding their shape. Add caramel sauce and heat through until bubbly. With a serrated bread knife, cut off the top 1-1/2” of the cake. (This step can be skipped if using a 9 x 13” cake pan). Layer the caramel apple mixture evenly over the top of the cake.
To Serve…
  1. Whip 1 cup of the cream to soft peaks. Sweeten with sugar and vanilla. Chill until served. Heat the remaining 1-1/2 cup of the whipping cream until just warm. Place 3 tablespoons warm cream on a plate or in a shallow bowl. Place a generous slice or square of cake on the warm cream. Top with whipped cream. Serves 10-12