Ingredient: kosher salt

Cucumber Salad

I was recently on a two day trip to Atlanta to meet with the gals at the Cotton + Steel Studio. Most of you may know, they are the collaborative group of five young designers for RJR Fabrics, designing a broad range of cotton, rayon, canvas and double gauze modern prints. While in Atlanta, we visited some really fun restaurants. At one, I ordered a cucumber salad. When it arrived the presentation was so appealing.  As it turns out, it tasted just like the recipe from my mom that I’ve make often, except… (more…)

Basic Dressing (Stuffing)

Dressed Up Dressing… My family likes the Basic Dressing recipe for our Thanksgiving meal. But, if your family is a little more adventurous you can add dried cranberries, chopped dried apricots or chopped mushroom, as pictured, for the Dressed Up Dressing version. (more…)

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