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Countdown To Christmas

DSC_1854_edited-1I know, I know, we haven’t even passed Thanksgiving yet and I’m moving to a Christmas project.. All for good reason. This is a great alternative to a traditional advent calendar, and a fun project to work on over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend or preferably before. I thought I would post this idea now to give you time to duplicate it, if you are interested. Last year was the first year my daughter Kerry had such a calendar at the Olson house. Since her son Taylor has never like candy, (I know, what kid doesn’t like candy) we wanted to find a different angle for a treat each day, other than the usual piece of chocolate. Kerry also wanted a calendar that would have a high visual impact as a holiday decoration throughout the month (in other words, not look barren once the kiddos nab their goodies). The large envelopes provided space for a small toy, mini puzzle, crayons, etc. With this approach, the kids can untie their envelopes each morning, get their treats, and the envelopes can be tied back on the “tree.” (more…)


It’s November already…time is really flying by.  Halloween decorations need to be packed away and my outdoor and indoor decor need to take on a Thanksgiving theme.  It’s still a great time to display all the fall bounty, but jack-o-lanterns are definitely out of the picture now and my outdoor sitting bench turns to a display bench.

For a fall look, I wrapped this large twig wreath with 12″ wide burlap strips. Read more on Seasons Fall Foliage Wreath How-To.

Like many of you, I have more quilts than I can easily display fully laid out so I still pull them out for the appropriate season and find ways to at least enjoy all the color and prints and get a glimpse of the piecing involved. (more…)


IMG_1484We are about to wrap up one of the best fall seasons in memory here in Minnesota.  We have had eight straight weekends of sunshine, warm, daytime temperatures and cool evenings.  These are all the requirements for beautiful leaf color everywhere.  I try to visit the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum this time of the year.  It’s a pretty spectacular place with great architecture and sprawling acreage of beautifully landscaped gardens and forests of every kind of tree possible that thrives in this climate.  Never underestimate the power of spending time in nature. (more…)



Fall is definitely my season.  I look forward to it all year.  I love the colors, the temperatures and the tastes that fall brings.  For me, it is a more relaxing season…fewer garden maintenance things on my list, cooler temperatures, the bounty of garden goodies that inspire me to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I am always excited about the produce at the farmer’s market here in town when fresh vegetables start to appear in the summer.  But there is nothing more glorious and inviting than the stands in the fall. (more…)