I took a little time off from blogging this winter and the time got away from me, to say the least.  I hope I haven’t worried anyone.  We took a few trips since the first of the year and here it is mid April.  I wanted all of you to know that all is well here at the Jensen house.

We have had our fair share of unusual winter weather events that has put our spring arrival about a month late.  Normally at this time of the year I would be out in the garden house and yard hauling out pots and lugging garden soil to start planting…not this year.  We have had the coldest April in recorded history (and that says something for MN.)  Last weekend we got 18″ of snow, which also set a record for a spring snow event.

As I gazed out my front door at the never ending snowfall, I decided to head for my paints and canvases to paint flowers since I couldn’t actually garden.  I spent all weekend painting and created an indoor garden to satisfy my sprint planting urges.  This week looks like the weather is going to turn the corner and actually act like spring so I will soon be outside “digging” and not indoors painting.

It is also time to change out the quilts from winter to spring.  The rooms all take on a whole new, fresh look with a lighter palette of fabrics.  It is fun to take another look at quilts that have been stored for a while and appreciate not only the handiwork, but also the fun fabrics.  I have always had pretty neutral background colors on the walls, beds and large upholstered pieces so I can easily change out the whole appearance of a room with accessories like paintings, quilts and pillows.

This all time favorite of mine (4-Patch Scrap Quilt) was featured in the Thimbleberries Block Party book.