Month: October 2017


We had fabulous weather all last week with temps in the upper 70’s.  This is pretty unusual for Minnesota so we all think we stole a week away from an early winter.  Warm days at this time of the year are treasured.  The cool nights combined with warm days really make the fall colors intensify.  I have lived my whole life in this climate and every fall I am still amazed at how beautiful this season is between lush green of summer and frosty white of winter.  I think you can see how my fall fabric collections were influenced by my surroundings.  Even the simplest image would have been an inspiration.


This past weekend was also the last of our Sunday night boat rides around the lake.  Everything is pretty wrapped up for the winter. Boats are put into winter storage (more…)

Caramel Apple Cream Cake

In October, I always host a birthday dinner for a friend that has been a tradition going back decades. I am always happy to have October as my month to host the group.  For dessert, I served an Apple Cream Cake, which was a hit. (more…)

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Truth be told, I have never been too excited about the ghoulish elements of Halloween, but rather the fall colors and pumpkins with just a hint of Halloween whimsy here and there are always fun at this time of the year. There is a sweetness about childhood memories of Trick or Treating in the neighborhood with friends for me and for my own children.  And now, I get to experience the fun again with my grandchildren.  Granted the costumes are far more elaborate than the homemade ones from my past but the excitement of Trick or Treating seams to endure.  So, now it is time to dig out some of my favorites for the season.


Here is a little piece of artwork made by Taylor at the age of 7. I thought was so special and deserved to be framed and kept to be used year after year.  He made it from white tape and black constructions paper.  Kids make things like this skeleton and bat in such quick order it is hard to understand why the proportions and details always seem to be right on.  For the background of the picture, I decopauged a fall napkin on a piece of cardboard with Modge Podge and mounted the skeleton and bat under the glass with just a touch of glue.  It is a perfect complement to the two Halloween figurines and brings a smile every time I catch a glimpse of it.


Years ago, I produced a series of fabric panels that featured artwork from magazine covers of the twenties and thirties.  The series was titled, Cover Story. Some of you may have some of these panels.  The original kits included a panel and instructions to piece into a wall quilt. (more…)