I think the category of “out-of-print patterns and books”, most specifically, past Block of the Month patterns is the most requested information I receive.    Next is the category of “out-of-print fabrics”. In many cases, consumers are looking for items from ten to fifteen years ago and I just do not have resources for those items any longer.  I understand many of you are working through your stash of kits and projects. When I closed the Thimbleberries studio,  files were closed and now, many cannot be retrieved because of outdate computer programs.  This means I don’t have any extra copies of items available and cannot even access the electronic files.

In most cases, missing fabrics can easily be replaced and mixed in with the original kits and the end result will be wonderful.  As for missing block patterns from the Block of the Month quilts, if you are missing one or two, simply replace by repeating one of the other blocks in the twelve month series.  If you change the fabrics out or simple change the placement of the fabrics, the block will blend right in.

The items that are the most difficult to replace or reference are the newsletter projects and recipes that were published in the Thimbleberries Club Newsletters that were exclusive to Club members through the quilt shop where Thimbleberries Clubs were conducted.  Those newsletters and projects made Club pretty special but those items, as a rule, cannot be resourced in other publications.

I am happy to see that many of you are able to help each other out with these lost items.  In hind sight, it would have probably been wise to keep everything, but after 26 years of designing and publishing, that just wasn’t possible.

For those of you who find great deals on Thimbleberries fabric kits at yard sales that do not have the patterns included, it is best to add the fabric to your stash and include those fabrics in a fabulous scrap quilt.


Whenever the temperatures and humidity are high, I do my gardening early in the morning and then retreat to the sewing room when the temperature is cool and there is always something that captures my attention.  Last week, it was a doll bed that I wanted to deck out for Ella to use at the cabin. I found a cute doll bed at a sale earlier this spring that needed a coat of paint.  Normally, everything for Ella is done in the pink palette for her room at her house, but I decided to paint this one red to match the cabin decor.  Outfitting the bed required a dig through my fabrics and a few vintage pieces…always a favorite activity for me.  I made the ticking striped mattress from left-over slipcover fabric and had a small piece of vintage kitty print fabric for the bed cover.  The pillow sham is made from a small table linen I have been saving for years that once belonged to my favorite Aunt Glady. When I find the right project to use these precious vintage items for, it is very gratifying. Ella won’t understand all the connections but will love the bed and all its parts.  However, all the vintage pieces make it extra fun for me while I am making the items.  I guess it is a win for both of us.


Mid July is peak Lily time in my garden.  These are my favorites and really add a great pop of color in the garden.  They will linger for a few weeks and then, I will need to wait another year.  I particularly like the peach blossoms with the burgundy centers.  The plant stems are sturdy and can withstand hard rain and wind.  Our storms tend to be on the troublesome side in July when these blooms appear.

Today is another day to spend indoors.  It is hot and steamy outside and heavy Thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon.  My sewing room is the best place to be today.