This is the last week before the big holiday weekend so the last gifts need to be wrapped and delivered and good things must come out of the kitchen soon.  I no longer bake a huge assortment of cookies, but rather make a few all time favorites.  Among them are Cookie Brittle, Scandinavian Almond Bars, Sugar Cookies and at least one batch of homemade chewy Caramels. Click on the photos below for the recipe. Recipes are from my Christmas Cottage book by Landauer Publishing.

Cookie Brittle
Cookie Brittle
Almond bars
Scandinavian Almond Bars
Sugar Cookies


Caramels are now the only candy I make for the holidays.  All others seem to be pale in comparison. I think you can now buy decorative candy wrappers either on line or in specialty kitchen shops. I happen to love the waxed paper approach…so authentically homemade.



There always seems to be one more person that pops up on your radar that you would like to gift with a little something or perhaps you need a hostess gift.

If you have extra tree ornaments, and who doesn’t, arrange them in a shadow box frame.  It is a quick DIY and so festive and so easy to use.  It can fit anywhere and add a bit of cheer to any space.img_0603

Placemats made from festive fabrics don’t even need piecing,  Just quilt with an over all design and roll up, add a candle and ribbon for a very quick gift that everyone can use.  I painted a simple snowman on black construction paper for the gift tag.

img_0588Make a simple potholder and combine with a tea towel and recipe cards.  I can’t think of anyone who cooks that can’t use all of these items.  The potholder is an extra project included in the WinterScape Project of the Month Program offered by Fons & Porter this month.

img_0535Hope these few recipes and suggestions spark some creative creativity at your house this busy season.

Here are a few more pictures from around my “decked halls”.

img_0597 img_0527 img_0523 img_0520 img_0517 img_0515 img_0508 img_0502 img_0530Happy Holidays to all of you,

My Best,