Month: June 2016


2016-06-20 07.02.59This is where it all started.  Last weekend, Ella picked out a little book for me to read to her. Taylor can read by himself, but always sits in on a story if he is in the room.  I picked this little book up a few years ago at Quilt Haven on Main here in Hutchinson.  When we finished the little story, we decided they should draw pictures on fabric and I would put them in a quilt. They had lots of questions on how this might all work.  I know they have never thought about how the quilts they have were made…why would they. The quilts just magically appear on their beds.  I went through a brief explanation and they got very excited about participating.  However, one quilt led to two quilts because they both had very specific color preferences.  And, we know, there is no shortage of fabric, so two it is.  When Neil and I returned home from the cabin, I organized some fabrics for both quilts and prepared 12″ squares of white cotton for them to start their drawings.  I plan on cutting them down to 10-1/2″ blocks and then sewing pieced borders around the blocks.  I’m using scraps from the collections of Cotton+Steel that I have been working with on an upcoming project.  They are colorful, bright and whimsical, just like their pictures will be.  I taped the squares onto cardboard so the fabric would be taut and easy for them to handle.  They are using both textile markers (Target) and crayons.  The markers are good for drawing and the crayons are good for filling in.  If crayons are used, layer the picture block, right side down on a few layers of paper toweling.  Press with a iron set on the cotton setting without steam.  Iron to remove the wax.  The dye will remain.

IMG_1858IMG_1857IMG_1855IMG_1854Both Ella and Taylor love art projects and I think they will really enjoy doing this as long as I move quickly with the sewing which  will keep them interested in the project.  I always have the week between weekend visits to sew and can have blocks finished by the next time I see them. This is a great rainy day at the cabin project, and we have our fair share of them over the summer, especially in June. Here is one I worked on today so I have something to show them on Friday night.  I’ll work on one of Ella’s blocks tomorrow so they both have one done for their own quilt.  I will keep you posted on our progress and definitely will post the finished project.  I have a feeling this one is going to move quickly.

2016-06-23 19.37.34Garden Update…this is what’s blooming in my yard this week….Asiatic Lilies.  I have this same variety along a wall at the edge of the front courtyard.  It’s always so fun to look out one morning and see “the show”.



If you are looking for a fun way to brighten up your home and welcome summer, take a look at this fun runner that I designed for the Fons & Porter Project of the Month Club.  It is not too late to join in on the monthly kits that are sent to you each month. The projects are all fairly small and each one includes an extra small project that uses scraps straight from your stash. In all, you will receive more than 24 patterns over a years time.  The projects have strong seasonal hints that will give you a stash of charming small projects for your home or gifts.  I think the charm of the program is receiving a kit each month that is very doable and easy to get done.  The extra scrap projects are an added plus.  And, A Note from Lynette is included in each kit keeping you posted on what I am doing with hints and decorating tips and a recipe or two.


IMG_1752Check out these two Blog posts pertaining to this runner for extra Tips and Hints.

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This charming Notebook Cover is the extra scrap project pattern included in the Summer Pinwheels Runner pattern.  It is a cutie and fun to make.IMG_1751

I don’t know why, punch and cookies always seems like a summer treat to me.  I am sure it harkens back to summer picnics from my childhood.  Do people still drink Kool-Aid?  It was such a big deal when I was a child.  Whatever the beverage, cookies are always in order…always.  The Ice Box Cookie has been in my recipe box for years and I turn to it often because the cookies are so yummy and I like have extra dough ready in the refrigerator or freezer to take out and bake a fresh batch.  This tip is not in the original recipe, but I like the end result for a change of pace.  Instead of making the dough into long rolls, I put the dough in empty butter boxes and chill.  When cold and ready to bake, I cut the block of dough into quarters, just like sticks of butter.  Then slice into 1/8″ slices and bake.  This produces a very nice little square cookie.  This reminds me of how many ways my mother got another use out of butter boxes when the butter was gone. They would be flattened and saved all winter and then during the summer harvest from her garden,  she would line them with small plastic bags to freeze berries and veggies from her garden.  She loved the way they would stack neatly in the freezer, and because she had labeled the outside of the box, she could tell at a glance what the contents were in the box.  At first sight when you opened the freezer door, it looked like the Land O’ Lakes truck had delivered a lot of butter to one household.  My mother could have written a book on recycling.


A summertime favorite… they are very tender cookies and will break if handled before set. This is why they melt in your mouth and are so yummy.  The recipe yields about 4- 6 dozen, depending on how the rolls are sliced….much more if the “butter box method” is used for smaller square cookies.

Well, now I am craving these cookies and think I will make a batch and tuck a portion in the freezer for a busy July 4th weekend at the cabin coming up very soon.  It will be nice to have that treat ready to just slice and bake.

Cucumber Salad

I was recently on a two day trip to Atlanta to meet with the gals at the Cotton + Steel Studio. Most of you may know, they are the collaborative group of five young designers for RJR Fabrics, designing a broad range of cotton, rayon, canvas and double gauze modern prints. While in Atlanta, we visited some really fun restaurants. At one, I ordered a cucumber salad. When it arrived the presentation was so appealing.  As it turns out, it tasted just like the recipe from my mom that I’ve make often, except… (more…)


I have been going in a lot of directions this past week and eventually, did accomplish a few things.  Someone once asked how often I work in my garden.  Interesting question.   I seem to work in it a little everyday.  Sometimes it is a full day, but that is only now and then. When things get planted and on their way, it is less but when the weeds want to show their stuff it needs tending. I do what I call a “walk through” generally the first thing in the morning when it is cool and everything looks its best.  I carry a small trimmer and a light weight basket or plastic bucket as I troll the garden.  Then, if I spot something that needs pulling or trimming, I can do it immediately and don’t have to go back to clean up.  If I do this most days, it never seems overwhelming or much like hard work.  In the beginning of the season, there are a lot of days of lifting, bending, digging and walking.  But I guess that is all good. This week, my Peonies, Astilbe and Lady’s Mantle are in full bloom.  I have 16 Peony bushes so I cut some everyday for the house. They bloom fast and furious for a few weeks and then they are done.

IMG_1821Today a bucket is going to the cabin.  The bucket I have them arranged in was my Dad’s minnow bucket.  Aside from the cool, vintage look, it is certainly another sweet reminder of him…especially at the cabin where I spent every summer weekend of my young life. Then the very same cabin became our summer weekend destination with my own family and now our grandchildren.  It is a pretty special place for us all.IMG_1820IMG_1824IMG_1825

Cucumber Salad

This week also meant a two day trip to Atlanta to meet with the gals at the Cotton + Steel Studio.  Most of you may know, they are the collaborative group of five young designers for RJR Fabrics, designing a broad range of cotton, rayon, canvas and double gauze modern prints.  We are working on co-branding a project that will debut next fall at the Houston Quilt Market.  We will keep you posted on that project as we get closer to October.  While there, we did visit some really fun restaurants.  At one, I ordered a Cucumber Salad.  When it arrived the presentation was so appealing.  As it turns out, it tasted just like the recipe from my mom that I make often,  except…the cucumber was cut differently and crushed red pepper flakes were added turning the whole dish into something really fun. I made some for this weekend.

2016-06-12 20.47.11
Tomato Veggie Bisque

Also on the menu for this weekend was a Tomato Veggie Bisque.  Every adult in my family is trying to add far more vegetables to their diet. We all like almost everything, but keeping fresh veggies on hand and ready to use at the spur of the moment is sometimes a challenge. I have concocted a soup recipe that uses a huge variety of veggies.  I make it in a large turkey roaster in the oven and then freeze some and give some to my daughter and son for their households for the upcoming week.  It is a quick way to get a serving of many veggies and actually hearty enough for a meal on its own.  It makes a big, big batch and most importantly, is ready to eat in a flash.  Every veggie you add makes it bigger and better.

Whenever I try to pass on a recipe that isn’t exact, I know I am taking a chance.  But if you are willing to taste as you go and alter the spices to meet your palette, this is a great way to pack a lot of vitamins and fiber into your diet… and freezing some for later is the best.  All the mess and work is done at once and you can enjoy over and over again later on or share as I often do.  The ingredients change, depending on what I have on hand.  But, this is what I used this morning…. 2016-06-12 08.40.07

I serve the soup with tiny, homemade croutons and ribbons of fresh basil.  Tonight we had it with grilled brats and cucumber salad.  It was a great way to end the weekend.

We just had a huge thunderstorm which means I don’t have to water the plants in the morning.


There is a very tiny town near here (Carver, MN) that most of the storefronts have been turned into what we call occasional shops.  They are open only one long weekend a month, Thursday through Sunday, and they all are open on the same weekend.  So for a short period of time each month, the town is flooded with customers looking for a deal on antiques, architectural artifacts and collectibles.  It is kind of a festive, fun outing and I always find something I “need”, right?
































See those little red chairs on the counter, ready for me to take home.  I was very excited to find three at one time.   Here they are at home with me.

2016-06-06 14.46.55I have always loved old trucks.  Definitely a nod to my father.  Isn’t the color great on this one?  My husband has always been fearful that one of these shows up in our driveway.


Check out the back of my car.  It always tells me when I must stop.  I have found a spot for everything I found that day.  I need to always remind myself that If I don’t use it, it is just junk in my garage and actually not a fun find or accessory.


The chair is in the playroom in our basement.  The star is hanging in our cabin. A tin picnic basket was added to my collection above the pine cupboards at the cabin.  The kitchen has a vaulted ceiling so there is plenty of room to add colorful tins.  The circular metal pieces of two different sizes are in my garden nestled among bushes and Hosta and the metal grate on the floor of the car has become a backdrop for old croquet mallets that I have painted and wired on it for an outdoor art pieces on the back of our utility shed at the cabin.  It is the first thing you see when you turn into the driveway.

2016-06-06 17.19.40 2016-06-06 17.19.58 2016-06-06 17.25.22




























Other little chairs that I have collected are about the house and at our cabin.  I can’t resist them, obviously.  I at least now only buy ones that do not need fixing and are sturdy enough to actually use.  The two painted chairs in front of a hanging quilt are also doll size. They are new, but I have always loved them.  They have been used in every room of my house at some point in the past twenty years.


2016-06-06 13.40.02These little chairs below are not full size but yet a little too tall for a kids table. They were perhaps chairs from a country school house a very long time ago. My dad found these for me years ago and I like how short and stout they are.  They have a very “mission oak” style about them.  They have really flat slab seats and are very uncomfortable. Nobody lingered or lounged in these chairs! I use them as shelving for quilts.  There are never enough surfaces to display quilts.  It also makes them pretty handy to grab and use for anyone.  You now how I feel about showing color, pattern, prints and all the hand work and care that goes into a quilt.  The quilt on the top of the stack is over 100 years old.  It was a quilt top I got from a neighbor.  I had it quilted with a very light batting and a flannel backing.  It is everyone’s first choice around here including my grandson,  so it is now housed in his room.

2016-06-06 14.46.19