As usual, the whole holiday season starting way back in October with Halloween has whisked by in a blur.  Hope you all had a pleasant and peaceful holiday and were able to touch base with those you hold dear.  There are so many fun things to see and do and so many people to  see in the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, that it all seems to go by too quickly.  When children are involved the excitement is almost too much to contain but oh so joyful to be a part of it all as they experience another Christmas.  When all is said and done, I am never sure if I am excited to move to the new year, or if I want to linger a bit and enjoy the holiday decorations for a few days.  Getting holiday decorations out and up is always exciting; however, packing them away is another story.  Perhaps that is why the “lingering” seems to be a good idea…at least for a few days.

Here are a few snapshots of spots in the house that I am tempted to keep out for a while.  I did a lot more decorating with greenery and quilts this year rather than santa figures and the like, which makes it perfectly appropriate to leave displayed for a while when it is very much like winter outside.  We had a strangely mild November and December but snow arrived on Christmas night and much more to come tonight and tomorrow.



IMG_1587I have this quilt made up in a few versions for different times of the year.  I like the simple repetition of the block and the collections of many prints.  It definitely is a nod to the spirit of an antique quilt, yet almost contemporary in its simplicity.  It definitely added a nice splash of holiday color to this corner of the room.

You might like digging into this quilt in January using many of those Thimbleberries fabric collections in your stash or for a scrap quilt with each block made of a different fabric. I always think it’s fun to go through my fabric on hand to put together a quilt. Often it does require a trip to the quilt shop for the right background fabric and backing.  Notice, this quilt does not have a border fabric, so scraps are fare game. The FREE pattern for this quilt was in one of my small project books, Easy Living Quilts called West Wind Throw.  Full instructions are given in the Reminiscing section, click here to view.