A few years back I developed a pattern for Tomato Pincushions.  You know, the iconic tomato pincushion we all remember from our childhood.  I don’t think there is a seamstress who didn’t have one of these in her sewing box at one time in their sewing life.  I decided to make a few to decorate a small tree that could then be given to friends for a small Christmas favor. I used the tree on the island in my kitchen and thought the tomato ornaments were appropriate for that spot.  Then, as my holiday lunch guests were leaving, I gave them each a pincushion ornament.  Of course, your scrap stash is perfect for this project and a bit of green wool makes the perfect and easy leaf top. I even used left over quilt batting for filler which saved me a trip to the store to purchase a separate bag of polyester fiberfil.  When you use left over batting, pull small amounts apart so you are not working with a “sheet” of batting.  I love making these small projects, they satisfy my need to do something creative and I can get them done in short order.Here is another quick gift item you can still make for gift giving this year.  The Pine Sachet Bundles are a perfect scrap project. I’m sure you have many favorite holiday prints in your stash that would be perfect for this project. Note the embroidered gross grain ribbon I used to tie three bundles together. I simply used some of my favorite decorative stitches on my machine and experimented a bit to see what width and length were the most pleasing.  I use dried balsam needles in these bundles and put them in my mitten and scarf drawers, and also our coat closet.  Of course, other spices like cloves, lavender etc. can be use.  There are so many dried spice mixtures to choose from that you could customize these to your liking.  I happen to love the smell of pine, especially this time of the year.  The pine needles are available at VermontTradewinds.com.

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Tomato PincushionTomato Pincushions




Pine Sachet BundlesPine Sachet Bundles

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