Month: November 2015


IMG_1537Neil and I have just returned from a four day vacation in Napa Valley, CA.  We have gone before and it has been one of those spots we like to visit often. It never disappoints us in anyway.  It is “off season” at this time of the year, but the weather is perfect for us…sunny days and cool nights. The landscape is beautiful and the pace is slow and relaxing, giving us time to enjoy the natural surroundings. The grape harvest is over, but the leaves are all still on the grape vines and have changed to a wide range of classic fall colors. These colors with the backdrop of the varied greens of the mountains is breathtaking and another inspiration for fabric collections.   (more…)

Countdown To Christmas

DSC_1854_edited-1I know, I know, we haven’t even passed Thanksgiving yet and I’m moving to a Christmas project.. All for good reason. This is a great alternative to a traditional advent calendar, and a fun project to work on over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend or preferably before. I thought I would post this idea now to give you time to duplicate it, if you are interested. Last year was the first year my daughter Kerry had such a calendar at the Olson house. Since her son Taylor has never like candy, (I know, what kid doesn’t like candy) we wanted to find a different angle for a treat each day, other than the usual piece of chocolate. Kerry also wanted a calendar that would have a high visual impact as a holiday decoration throughout the month (in other words, not look barren once the kiddos nab their goodies). The large envelopes provided space for a small toy, mini puzzle, crayons, etc. With this approach, the kids can untie their envelopes each morning, get their treats, and the envelopes can be tied back on the “tree.” (more…)

Turning Kids’ Art into a Holiday Keepsake

DSC_0114_edited-1The cute factor in kids’ artwork this time of year definitely gets taken up a notch, as they come home each day from school with a different rendition of a pumpkin, turkey or Christmas tree. All of them are darling in their own way, yet nearly all of them get lost in the shuffle of paperwork on the kitchen counter or in a pile in the mudroom. I’m often looking for ways to keep some of their special things, especially if crafted at home or, like this little gobbler, with grandma. My grandson Taylor and I always have a craft activity when he is visiting. He and I drew and colored this turkey. Last year I decided to add it to the rotation of holiday décor by putting it on a table runner, using a DIY process that is quick and easy. (more…)


It’s November already…time is really flying by.  Halloween decorations need to be packed away and my outdoor and indoor decor need to take on a Thanksgiving theme.  It’s still a great time to display all the fall bounty, but jack-o-lanterns are definitely out of the picture now and my outdoor sitting bench turns to a display bench.

For a fall look, I wrapped this large twig wreath with 12″ wide burlap strips. Read more on Seasons Fall Foliage Wreath How-To.

Like many of you, I have more quilts than I can easily display fully laid out so I still pull them out for the appropriate season and find ways to at least enjoy all the color and prints and get a glimpse of the piecing involved. (more…)

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