Taylor jumping in water

Our grandson, Taylor, taking one last jump off the dock for the summer. What a way to say goodbye to the lake. Now that Labor Day has passed, we start thinking about closing down the cabin. Soon we will be taking out the dock and boat lift… all jobs to be done before the weather and water gets too cold. There will be a few lingering weekends that we’ll go out for the afternoon or evening but the long weekends of summer activities in the water and outdoors quickly come to an end when the days get shorter and school starts. It’s always sad to say goodbye to summer….it was a busy one, full of good fun, good company and good food. It always seems to fly by so quickly.  However, we know we will be crazy excited in the spring to open the cabin and start all over again with the same traditions at Lake Minnie Belle. Check out SEASONS for more pictures of our Minnesota summer.

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