IMG_1178IMG_1176In a recent post, I showed you how much fun I had decorating a “big girl” room at our house for my three year old granddaughter, Ella.  Now I want to show you my ideas for refreshing Taylor’s space.  (You can see her room adjacent to his in the photos that follow on Create.)

I started his room, as usual, with a quilt as color inspiration.  Quilts are a great anchor for a color scheme for a room.  The quilt I used is from one of my past fabric collections, Doodle Zoo. It’s nice how zoo animals can transcend ages of little kids….not too baby and not quite all grown up. Taylor loves knowing about all kinds of animals and from little on has been a big fan of the PBS WildKrats show, so this quilt seemed appropriate for his room.  The next big inspiration was to have my collection of old wooden window shutters painted to match the colors in the quilt.  You ask, why would I have so many shutters?  For years I collected random shutters of different sizes and used in my home studio and the Thimbleberries Studio Store as backdrops for displays and some hinged together for movable screens that we used everywhere to either hide messy corners or for displays.  When I ran across them one day in our back storage garage I decided to use them or lose them, which by the way is the theme lately when I find things I have collected.  I took the daring approach this time and didn’t go for my customary safe neutral tones but went with bold, fun colors for the shutters.  I wanted color to be the main feature in his room.  As it turns out, I had exactly the amount of shutters that when mounted side to side filled the whole wall in Taylor’s room and became the backdrop for everything that happens in it. More pictures were posted this past year on my daughter’s blog, darling  Check out the Create section to view.  This was a fun, fun, week of decorating once the shutters were installed on the wall.  Note my daughters Reality Check…it’s really true, Neil did say that!