There is always something that catches my eye and starts the “wheels turning” in my head. This is half craft and half recycling.  I have had this vintage children’s book floating around for well over 38 years.  It had been loved and well used by the time I found it at a local antique shop.  I was struck by the charming illustrations and colors and even found a page that was not damage in anyway that had my daughter’s initials displayed with cute pictures. My plan was to frame that specific page, which I never did. So here we are 38 years later, and I finally did something with the book.  I decided to paint the cover withe acrylic paints and create a refurbished version of the original cover…much like the paint by number pictures I remember from my youth.  As it turns out, the front cover was in pretty good shape and the back cover was exactly the same image but in rough condition.  I used the back cover to match paints that I had to mix to get close to the original colors.  I then starting filling in the images on the front cover with fresh paint and a steady hand.  When all dry, I did have it framed with a double mat and it has found its home in my grandchildren’s playroom.  Check out the CREATE section for more details and pictures that Kerry posted on her blog.  It feels good to finish a project that started with an idea so very long ago.  I was thrilled I could put my hands on it after all those years and a few house moves.

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