IMG_1476I think we’ve established, I love decorating for fall. Granted, I like all the colors involved and I like pumpkins.  But there’s something else that appeals to me… it’s the bounty of natural beauty that is so unique at this time of the year.  Landscapes of all kinds of greenery become a palette of oranges, reds, golds and browns almost overnight.  Our lakes and rivers become a dark blue that glistens in the sun.  And, because it’s getting cooler outside, it seems appropriate to make things feel warm and welcoming inside.  So wherever possible, I like to create a grouping of fall related items that will take my home decor all the way through Thanksgiving giving me a few months to enjoy.  Perhaps a few Jack-0-Lanterns will appear before Halloween and disappear the day after, but the pumpkins and everything else can stay until “turkey day”. Visit SEASONS for more photos of fall decorating ideas for your home.

IMG_1476The smallest amount of scrap wool can create wonderful decorative items. Bubble Woolie is a FREE download pattern. Enjoy creating your own Bubble Woolie pillow! You can find this pattern and 12 more fun scrap quilt projects in Thimbleberries Scrap Quilts by Lynette Jensen for Landauer Publishing.



IMG_1466For those of you who have followed my career, you know I am a little obsessed with pumpkins.  I love the shape, I love the variety of colors and I suppose I also love them because they remind me of my favorite season of the year.  In this part of the country where I live, pumpkins are grown in home gardens everywhere.  They’re also grown in fields for commercial use.  As the pumpkin vines quietly grow and spread all summer the pumpkins develop and are hidden by all the greenery.  Then all of a sudden, the leaves and vines dry up and pumpkins magically pop into view and when driving in farm country, this glorious pop of color appears with pumpkins spread about like polka dots.  I never tire of this scene. Soon pumpkin stands are everywhere and there always seems to be a new variety of pumpkin that temps me to gather more pumpkins to bring home for my fall decor…indoor and out.

Over the years I’ve published dozens of quilt patterns with pumpkins….throws, runners and wall quilts.  Most feature pumpkins rather than Halloween jack-o-lanterns so they can be used September through November.  Quilting for Harvest is a book that’s totally dedicated to pumpkin/harvest quilts and still available from Landauer Publishing. There are countless projects that are quick and easy to make and with timeless style. Here are just a few projects from Quilting for Harvest… Fence Sitting, Autumn Night and Pumpkin Patch.

Fence Sitting112Autumn Night113Pumpkin Patch114

Get creative…Polka Dot Pumpkins are my take on creating decorative pumpkins with artificial pumpkins, Mod Podge and paper napkins.  Instructions for these pumpkins are found on the Create section of this site.

DSC_0038_edited-1CARAMEL PARTY MIX DSC_0368_edited-1is my famiiy’s favorite treat this time of the year.  And, I only make it this time of the year.  It is a little hard to resist and keeps well in and airtight container.  However, it never lasts long enough for that to be an issue.  Check out the recipe on Yum!








Fall is definitely my season.  I look forward to it all year.  I love the colors, the temperatures and the tastes that fall brings.  For me, it is a more relaxing season…fewer garden maintenance things on my list, cooler temperatures, the bounty of garden goodies that inspire me to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I am always excited about the produce at the farmer’s market here in town when fresh vegetables start to appear in the summer.  But there is nothing more glorious and inviting than the stands in the fall. (more…)

Cozy Campfire


These photos are from my daughter’s Blog, Darlingfig.com. They capture sights and activities of early fall at the cabin. The jacket Kerry is wearing is one I made for her almost 20 years ago from an antique cotton camp blanket and a Simplicity pattern. If my memory serves me correctly, I am sure it was a Beacon Blanket from the 40’s. It hangs at the cabin for anyone to grab on chilly nights, summer or fall. It is truly a classic…and don’t you just love the colors!


With the fire pit put away for the fall and winter seasons, we thought we would take the opportunity to have a good old fashioned campfire (more…)

Apple Harvest Time

2015-09-16 12.15.19

2015-09-16 12.15.19

Apple inspiration . . . here’s a painting I recently finished using Honey Crisp apples from the tree at the lake for inspiration.

Apple Stand RunnerI hope you find inspiration in this Apple Stand Runner pattern.  It’s a fun and quick project for fall.  Visit CREATE to read more about apple harvest time in Minnesota and to download this FREE pattern.

Apple Stand Runner is taken from Beautiful Blocks for Beautiful Quilts by Lynette Jensen and available from Landauer Publication.

apple-pie-bites-3For a delicious fall treat, try this Apple Pie Bites recipe. Go to YUM! for the complete recipe.



Apples(s) of My EYE


We have a tiny apple tree at the cabin, and this past weekend was harvest time. The kids have been watching and waiting for the apples to ripen all summer, and were anxious for the big day to arrive. The tree is very young didn’t bear much fruit this year, which worked out well for our purposes – many more would not have held the kids’ attention, and Trevor’s (my son-in-law) arms needed a break.

apple-pie-bites-3I have included a yummy quick recipe for individual apple pies of sorts, Apple Pie Bites. I found this recipe online and added a powdered sugar glaze for a little more sweetness. They were a big hit at a family gathering over the Labor Day weekend. You can find the recipe on YUM!. (more…)

Goodbye Summer

tent for Ella

Taylor jumping in water

Our grandson, Taylor, taking one last jump off the dock for the summer. What a way to say goodbye to the lake. Now that Labor Day has passed, we start thinking about closing down the cabin. Soon we will be taking out the dock and boat lift… all jobs to be done before the weather and water gets too cold.  (more…)

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