Fall is definitely my season.  I look forward to it all year.  I love the colors, the temperatures and the tastes that fall brings.  For me, it is a more relaxing season…fewer garden maintenance things on my list, cooler temperatures, the bounty of garden goodies that inspire me to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I am always excited about the produce at the farmer’s market here in town when fresh vegetables start to appear in the summer.  But there is nothing more glorious and inviting than the stands in the fall.  That’s when the true bounty of Minnesota shines.  As I write this blog,  I have tomatoes roasting in the oven, squash baking and soup simmering.  These are all things I wouldn’t think of doing in the heat of the summer.  It does smell pretty good at my house today.  I’m about to bake our favorite Apple Crisp recipe.  That will put the aromas over the top.  Check out the YUM! category for my recipe. The quilt hanging on the bench is in my book Block Party, available at Laudauer Publishing.

While all these yummy aromas fill the house, I plan to do some hand stitching on a quilt that has a little applique on it.  It’s a perfect task for a rainy day and dinner already on its way.

View theses fall inspired landscape and home dec pictures from my yard and home. Hopefully they will inspire you to dig out your pumpkins and fall quilts for both the inside and outside of your home. Can you tell…I do really love fall.  The colors are just so warm, rich and inviting.


IMG_0938My front porch is large enough to accommodate a nice collection of fall items.  I tend to change it often throughout the season.  As we get closer to Halloween the accessories, both inside and out, reflect not just fall but also that fun, one day event.


2015-09-23 15.20.53

For a favorite Fall treat, visit YUM! for this Apple Crisp recipe.




Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.25.13 PMFREE PATTERN – Table Treat Runner, pictured with festive pumpkins and candles on the entryway table. Download more FREE PATTERNS on Reminiscing.

Cozy Campfire

These photos are from my daughter’s Blog, They capture sights and activities of early fall at the cabin. The jacket Kerry is wearing is one I made for her almost 20 years ago from an antique cotton camp blanket and a Simplicity pattern. If my memory serves me correctly, I am sure it was a Beacon Blanket from the 40’s. It hangs at the cabin for anyone to grab on chilly nights, summer or fall. It is truly a classic…and don’t you just love the colors!


With the fire pit put away for the fall and winter seasons, we thought we would take the opportunity to have a good old fashioned campfire with the kids. They don’t get to experience the fires we have during the summer, as by the time it’s cool and dark enough, they are tucked in bed. Turns out Ella missed this one as well, as she likes to nap for a good long time at the cabin (she has caught on early that there is no better place to sleep than at the lake). That worked out just fine, though, as it was a really special time for Trevor and Kerry to spend with Taylor – building his first fire, roasting his first hot dogs, and toasting marshmallows for his mom.

All giggles during some of his fire-building tasks.


So serious with some of his other tasks.


Some unexpected fun with the logs we set out for seats.


Antique tins for food and canisters for drinks certainly add a special touch for the photos, but it really is a great idea to group items together such as I did here for the s’mores and below for the hot dogs. It’s a great way to carry things to and from the cabin and minimize the trips back and forth, and to keep food from resting on the ground (I feel as though every other campfire we’ve had has us rummaging around on the ground to try and locate the marshmallows, chocolate bars, etc.). Kerry’s grandpa made the marshmallow/hot dog roasters out of heavy gauge wire, at least 60 years ago.  These little things that connect us to the past  and loved ones are always so special.



Proving that styles really do always come back around, this cozy blanket coat was made by my mom out of an antique camp blanket…when I was in high school!

DSC_0581_edited-1DSC_0608_edited-1This is the best picture of Taylor and mom. It seems that these simple moments are so touching.



Apple Harvest Time

2015-09-16 12.15.19

Apple inspiration . . . here’s a painting I recently finished using Honey Crisp apples from the tree at the lake for inspiration.

Apple Stand RunnerI hope you find inspiration in this Apple Stand Runner pattern.  It’s a fun and quick project for fall.  Visit CREATE to read more about apple harvest time in Minnesota and to download this FREE pattern.

Apple Stand Runner is taken from Beautiful Blocks for Beautiful Quilts by Lynette Jensen and available from Landauer Publication.

apple-pie-bites-3For a delicious fall treat, try this Apple Pie Bites recipe. Go to YUM! for the complete recipe.



Apples(s) of My EYE

We have a tiny apple tree at the cabin, and this past weekend was harvest time. The kids have been watching and waiting for the apples to ripen all summer, and were anxious for the big day to arrive. The tree is very young didn’t bear much fruit this year, which worked out well for our purposes – many more would not have held the kids’ attention, and Trevor’s (my son-in-law) arms needed a break.

apple-pie-bites-3I have included a yummy quick recipe for individual apple pies of sorts, Apple Pie Bites. I found this recipe online and added a powdered sugar glaze for a little more sweetness. They were a big hit at a family gathering over the Labor Day weekend. You can find the recipe on YUM!.  I am sure I will be sharing a few more apple recipes this fall.  They are just too tempting.






Goodbye Summer

Taylor jumping in water

This shot is of our grandson Taylor taking one last jump off the dock for the summer. What a way to say goodbye to the lake. Now that Labor Day has passed, we start thinking about closing down the cabin. Soon we will be taking out the dock and boat lift… all jobs to be done before the weather and water gets too cold. There will be a few lingering weekends that we’ll go out for the afternoon or evening but the long weekends of summer activities in the water and outdoors quickly come to an end when the days get shorter and school starts. It’s always sad to say goodbye to summer….it was a busy one, full of good fun, good company and good food. It always seems to fly by so quickly.  However, we know we will be crazy excited in the spring to open the cabin and start all over again with the same traditions at Lake Minnie Belle. Check out SEASONS for more pictures of our Minnesota summer.

Taylor’s Room at Grandma’s House

IMG_1178IMG_1176In a recent post, I showed you how much fun I had decorating a “big girl” room at our house for my three year old granddaughter, Ella.  Now I want to show you my ideas for refreshing Taylor’s space.  (You can see her room adjacent to his in the photos that follow on Create.)

I started his room, as usual, with a quilt as color inspiration.  Quilts are a great anchor for a color scheme for a room.  The quilt I used is from one of my past fabric collections, Doodle Zoo. It’s nice how zoo animals can transcend ages of little kids….not too baby and not quite all grown up. Taylor loves knowing about all kinds of animals and from little on has been a big fan of the PBS WildKrats show, so this quilt seemed appropriate for his room.  The next big inspiration was to have my collection of old wooden window shutters painted to match the colors in the quilt.  You ask, why would I have so many shutters?  For years I collected random shutters of different sizes and used in my home studio and the Thimbleberries Studio Store as backdrops for displays and some hinged together for movable screens that we used everywhere to either hide messy corners or for displays.  When I ran across them one day in our back storage garage I decided to use them or lose them, which by the way is the theme lately when I find things I have collected.  I took the daring approach this time and didn’t go for my customary safe neutral tones but went with bold, fun colors for the shutters.  I wanted color to be the main feature in his room.  As it turns out, I had exactly the amount of shutters that when mounted side to side filled the whole wall in Taylor’s room and became the backdrop for everything that happens in it. More pictures were posted this past year on my daughter’s blog, darling  Check out the Create section to view.  This was a fun, fun, week of decorating once the shutters were installed on the wall.  Note my daughters Reality Check…it’s really true, Neil did say that!

This Is Where It All Started

Countryside Wreath

Countryside Wreath and Prairie Pines are two of the first four single patterns that started the Thimbleberries pattern collection some 27 years ago.  They remained in the collection until the Thimbleberries Studio closed a few years ago.  Many of you may have made one of these (or both) quilts.  The original Prairie Pines quilt was larger and made to look like a scrap quilt.  Check out the Reminiscing section for more Thimbleberries memories.  Both patterns are still available in my book, In Celebration of Quilting from Landauer Publishing.


Prairie Pines – original


white choc 1FREE Basket Runner pattern … a simple, yet charming runner you can make in an afternoon, featured on CREATE.

Paint by Number


There is always something that catches my eye and starts the “wheels turning” in my head. This is half craft and half recycling.  I have had this vintage children’s book floating around for well over 38 years.  It had been loved and well used by the time I found it at a local antique shop.  I was struck by the charming illustrations and colors and even found a page that was not damage in anyway that had my daughter’s initials displayed with cute pictures. My plan was to frame that specific page, which I never did. So here we are 38 years later, and I finally did something with the book.  I decided to paint the cover withe acrylic paints and create a refurbished version of the original cover…much like the paint by number pictures I remember from my youth.  As it turns out, the front cover was in pretty good shape and the back cover was exactly the same image but in rough condition.  I used the back cover to match paints that I had to mix to get close to the original colors.  I then starting filling in the images on the front cover with fresh paint and a steady hand.  When all dry, I did have it framed with a double mat and it has found its home in my grandchildren’s playroom.  Check out the CREATE section for more details and pictures that Kerry posted on her blog.  It feels good to finish a project that started with an idea so very long ago.  I was thrilled I could put my hands on it after all those years and a few house moves.

Pick-Up Perfect Grill Packet

pick up

We had a large gathering of family at the lake late in the summer, and served the meal from the back of the truck bed, which was pulled up next to the outdoor dining area. Tailgating, but without the hassle of parking. Everyone especially loved the utensils wrapped in bandanas!

We set up two 8’ tables end to end in the driveway next to our cabin and grill. Guests helped themselves to this handy buffet, that included Grill Packets, and we all enjoyed eating together at one very long table while the sun started to go down.  After dinner, 7 kids under the age of 7 had fun running around the yard with glow sticks.

grill pack1Check out YUM for recipe how-to’s and recipe for

Pick-Up Perfect Grill Packets


New Venture

DSC_0948_edited-3Last August, my daughter Kerry, decided to start a blog (darling featuring fashion, home decor and DIY, leisure activities, food and entertaining.  As a wife, mom of two children ages 3 and 6, and a corporate franchise attorney, she is working hard at fitting this into her busy life. Needless to say, she has her hands full. Kerry loves doing creative things, especially decorating, entertaining and DIY projects. But, since I had more free time this past year than she did, I offered to help her with a few DIY projects, recipes and entertaining ideas. Now and then, I will be sharing some of the things I have done for her blog with all of you.

ella's room


The first project that comes to mind are the ideas I developed when I decorated bedrooms at our house for our two grandchildren, Taylor and Ella. When Ella moved from a crib in our spare bedroom to her “big girl” bed in her own room, it was time for me to really do some fun decorating. This all happened last February and March, when it’s cold here and there are no gardening or cabin activities to consume my free time.  I can honestly say, this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Check out Seasons for complete decorating ideas for Ella’s room.

Quilt folded on bed, Girly Girl, single pattern, FREE download below.  Wall quilt, Scrap Flying Geese. Bed quilt featured in Scrap Quilts by Lynette Jensen for

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scotch treatsPeanut Butter Pops – A favorite cabin treat.

Recipe found on YUM!



Girly Girl by Lynette Jensen

FREE Downloadable pattern



scrap art 2Scrap Art – A pack of scrapbooking paper can really go a long way. Find out how on Create!



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